Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ek Villain ...Performances that make a difference!

The real people
Directed by Mohit Suri
Produced by Balaji Telefilms (Ekta & Shobha Kapoor)
Dialogues by Milap Zaveri
Music by Ankit Tiwari (Galiyan), Mithoon (Banjaare, Zaroorat, Humdard), Soch - The Band (Awari)
Lyrics by Mithoon (Banjaare, Zaroorat, Humdard), Manoj Muntashir (Galiyan), Rabbi Ahmed & Adnan Dhool (Awari)
Ritesh Deshmukh as Rakesh
Siddharth Malhotra as Guru
Amna Sharif as Sulochna
Shraddha Kapoor as Aisha

At a glance
A movie which is difficult not to like despite its short comings! The music, the performances, the dialogues and Mohit's exceptional handling of certain scenes make Ek Villain a movie worth your while. The script is very inconsistent at times and makes you wonder if you are watching the same movie throughout? All the same...for me...Shraddha and the Music department are the true heroes of this movie!

The people on screen

Let me start a with a name who plays the supporting role and yet is so important to the story...

Amna Sharif as Sulo. So nagging, so materialistic and so very annoying....she plays her part to perfection. She looks pretty and yet at the same time you can't help but feel like slapping her! I guess thats her true victory!

Ritesh Deshmukh as Rakesh. Who would have known! The perfect comedian, the guy who loves dressing up as a drag in every other role, the guy who makes you laugh everytime he's on could he play the role of Rakesh! Nevertheless...Ritesh proves with full conviction that he is worth a lot more than just comedy! He portrays the psyche through his body language and his perfect dialogue delivery. Full marks!

Siddharth Malhotra as Guru. From SOTY to the intense Guru! thats a transition. It may not be a very unique character to play in bollywood, but to be able to show the intensity of pain and bitterness through mere facial expressions is a challenge. A challenge which Siddharth accepts and delivers! He is able to make the audience feel what goes on in his mind and heart and is excellent in the emotional scenes.

Lastly, Shraddha Kapoor as Aisha. Cuteness, freshness, positivity...all come together in one character - Aisha. Shraddha Kapoor was learning in Ashiqui 2...and whats surprising is that she seems to have already learnt how to act by Ek Villain! She looks innocent and she acts the same. If there is one actor who delivers big time in this is her! No doubt the others have done a great job...but when you leave the movie theatre....its Shraddha who remains on your mind completely! 
The tunes
Wow! I was already in love with the songs before ever going for the movie...but when you watch the songs come into context while watching the movie...thats when you truly know how much the music director, the lyricist and the movie's director know what they want to express! And in this case, they are in perfect sync! From Awari! One after the other...the music and the wordings add so much more meaning to the movie. Hats off to Ankit, Mithoon and Mohit Suri!

Prachi Desai makes a surprising entry for the song Awari...a very different number for an item song...but another decent number to add to the album!

I rate it 3 out of 5 and an additional extra 0.5 for the music and dialogues! Like I stated before, the movie is nowhere close to being perfect and in fact is severely flawed in some parts! And yet...there are few scenes which make your heart heavy, some where you see the cuteness that you would expect in any romantic movie and so many scenes where you just can totally connect with what the director is trying to express! To me, this was a movie which stays on your mind a long time after you leave and it slowly grows on you later.