Monday, August 20, 2012

The Cabin in the Woods - Reviewed

The Cabin in the Woods

Overview: Even though this is an April release, the DVD recently got released and ended up seeing the movie. To say that I was stunned, is an understatement. There are movies which try to do something different and there movies that try to be weird....and then there are movies like this which are just plain absurd!

Characters: The five - seven (if you count the two weird scientists too) characters build up an initial story which seems pretty intriguing and promising. They are effective in the roles they play and suit the 5 characteristics that the climax is being driven towards. I will not dwell into any specifics as it turns out to be pointless. :)

Music: Nothing worth a mention. Typical horror flick background score and unimpressive.

Experience: The movie surely keeps you captivated, but you will realize it too soon that you are watching and trying to get through the movie only to rationalize to yourself as to why you started watching this movie in the first place. You may hope to find solace in the end...but I wouldn't recommend betting on it! :)

Been-O-pinion: I rate it 1 ...would have scored lower but the fact that it creates enough curiosity for you to watch it till the end...justifies my score!

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