Monday, September 10, 2012

Cocktail - Reviewed

Overview: In one word....? Boring. As you watch the movie you keep asking yourself....what is it that you are missing? The perfect movie....great cast...a director with a brief yet impressive history....great music....n hour into the start getting uneasy. This feeling doesn't end till the end credits when you finally get to see some genuinely funny clips.

Characters: Saif obviously is acting in this cause he has produced it. All the time you feel that it's a copy paste of many other saif movies remixed with Salman Khan's sense of "funny". Deepika seems to be the only one...after Dimple who puts in some life into these poorly written characters. Diana...well...she should start sleeping properly and reduce on any habits which are causing her eyes to look so tired and drugged. Boman Irani tries to act funny with the same Salman Khan sense of "funny".

Music: Pritam seems to have done a great job along with Irshad Kamil to put together a great soundtrack. The adaptation of "jugnee jee" is also awesome. Let's leave aside the paranoia that Pritam might have been inspired by tunes frm far east or turkey. :) All In all....definitely one of the best soundtracks of the year.

Experience: Enough said....the poor background score, loose editing, bad writing (Imtiaz Ali..? What went wrong??) and weak direction equate to a boring experience. Watch the movie early in the day...else risk sleeping early!

Been-o-pinion: I give it 1.5...the only saving grace in this cocktail is the infusion of Pritam's soundtrack and Deepika's good performance. Skip it....if u can...!

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