Saturday, October 20, 2012

Paranormal Activity 4 - Reviewed

Overview: Creepy...anxiety provoking....and maybe a little less satisfying as compared to the previous installments...but still...keeps you interested....!

Characters: Katie returns....she is definitely the the protagonist of this series...and well....she does what she has been doing for the past three parts....and is effective. Alex, played by Kathryn Newton, does a good job and keeps you engaged for most of the movie as she is the central character in this part. She acts naturally and almost makes you believe that this movie too is based on live footage....but of course now we are very familiar with this concept after having already seen PA 1,2,3! :) The other characters are effective...the two kids are great...and as usual make you feel sympathetic as well as creeped out simultaneously.

Music: Obviously i am gonna skip this section we all know...PA's do not have any music of any sort...other than the brilliant use of sounds naturally occurring in our homes and when we get pulled out of bed by an unknown force! :)

Experience: Freaked me out enough! :) I had my jumps and shocks and "What the h$ll" moments! Paranormal Activity is a movie where you must go in with a mindset of getting scared....let go of your courage....make sure you stay focused and give full attention to the movie....only then will you be able to experience the fear factor of this movie! Agreed....this part does not employ any new technics....which was essentially why the first two movies were such a pleasure watching....but still...i think it offers enough thrills, anxiety, exciting silence and violence to keep you hooked on. The end....while pretty abrupt...surely makes you raise your eye-brow and....already start planning your PA 5 movie night out! :) I'd conclude with....may not be great....but if you are the kind who enjoys these reality-like will definitely find it at least worth a watch once!

Been-O-Pinion: I give it 3 out of 5. Perhaps a stricter review would imply that i should just give it a 2.5, however, being a fan of this type of movies....especially the PA series....I give it an extra liberal 0.5 more! :) Watch it....and enjoy it! :) 

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