Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kai Po Che - Movie Reviewed

Directed by Abhishek Kapoor
Sushant Singh Rajput as Ishaan
Amit Sadh as Omi
Raj Kumar Yadav as Govi
Amrita Puri as Vidya
Music by Amit Trivedi
Lyrics by Swanand Kirkire
Background score by Hitesh Shoni

Ae Zindagi...humein sohbaton ka nasha hai; Yeh sohbatein, yaaron ki.....
Ae zindagi...humein hosh ki na tu dawa de....
Dua De...Dua De...
These lines of poetry from the song Meethi Boliyaan are as wonderfully written as the script of this movie. A movie that spans across real and extremely varied emotions, a movie that captures the ups and downs in the lives of three friends....wonderful.
Friendship at it's best

Characters: A movie completely driven by will have to allow me a few extra lines this time for this section. :) 
Sushant Singh....coming right outta the small television screens at home, takes a huge leap and gives one hell of a performance as Ishaan aka Iss. The character he plays may be complex, but not once does he show any signs of confusion in how to portray it....from dialogue delivery to body language....full marks!
Omi played by Amit Sadh....another great performance.... His transition from a sidekick who says yes to everything his charming friend a young leader who shows all characteristics of leading yet being always overshadowed by either his uncle or circumstances is commendable. Another well expressed and enacted character.
A heart-warming moment of a bro
and sis captured magically!
Govi played by Raj Kumar Yadav....kudos! Kudos to the brilliance of the author who wrote this character, to the director who brought it out to the audience and last but not the the actor who played this character!! Raj Kumar excels in his portrayal of Govi....a character that creates the perfect balance between the other two characters, which brings maturity to the whole situation and which shines brightly despite the subtlety and underplaying demanded of it.
Lastly, Vidya...played by Amrita Puri. Another subtle character that is omnipresent in the background constantly, yet never taking the full fledge glamour of being the "heroine" of the movie.

Just three songs, yet what amazing work....Swanand Kirkire and Amit Trivedi definitely need to work together more often. Amit Trivedi proves that he is one of the most talented musicians of our times! Background by Hitesh Soni is also worth a special mention....for its simplicity yet lingering feel....and most importantly...its "Just right" feeling.

A moment between friends skillfully!
A completely different experience from what you might have felt at the movies in a long time! This is a movie where emotions of all sorts are worked upon and tapped into. There are some beautiful moments and scenes in the movie that are executed and captured to perfection. The first half of the movie is sheer brilliance...while the second half, even though more eventful, is dulled, ever so sightly, due to too many things going on simultaneously and perhaps a tad bit too much talk on cricket! :)
Abhishek Kapoor deserves a pat on the back and an applause for handling the subject of friendship yet skillfully and giving the audience a movie that goes beyond friendship into the the realms where friendship is tested against the odds of real circumstances.

I rate it 4 out of 5. A movie which I thoroughly enjoyed and truly felt for...and yet came out of it with one disappointing question in my mind....why on earth was this movie called Kai Po Che!!?? :) 


  1. This is one of the best movie ever that reminded me of Rang de Basanti. I loved this four star movie.

    Kai Po Che Review

    1. Yes...agreed! Reminded of RDB and DCH. What an exploration into one of the best relationships in thie world - Friendship!