Saturday, June 15, 2013

Man of Steel: Movie Reviewed

Directed by Zack Snyder
Produced by Chris Nolan (also co-writer of story)
Henry Caviil as Clarke Kent / Superman
Amy Adams as Louis Lane
Michael Shanon as General Zod
Diane Lane as Martha Kent
Kevin Costner as Joe Kent
Russel Crowe as Jor El
Music by Hans Zimmer


Brand new action, brand new story and great star cast....longer in duration than was necessary, but nevertheless, most of the 143 minutes you spend in the theater, you feel content...a bit overwhelmed with the action no doubt....but at a personal level, I enjoyed every bit of the innovative action scenes!

A great ensemble cast with many characters playing little parts around the main man....but contributing all the while.
Russel Crowe....the original father of Superman! Probably a rare opportunity in itself to see Russel Crowe in a super hero movie, let alone having the pleasure of his presence throughout the movie. Its great to see him and deliver those dialogues so believably.
Kevin Costner....the earthling father of Superman! A great character...a loving father and one worthy of being the father of a superhero. He plays his character with maturity and makes every piece of advice he gives to the little Kent so powerful and effective.
Diane Lane...mother of Superman! Likeable, motherly and just perfect in the role that she is expected to perform.
Amy Adams....Superman's love interest! Cute....pretty and pleasing to the eyes. Plays her role with conviction and amongst all the action and loud noises, she gives some resting time to your mind and eyes.
Michael Shanon....the potential nemesis of Superman! A worthy opponent and a classic villain. He irritates you, makes you angry but also convinces you that he is not wrong but just has a different interest. Effective performance.
Henry Caviil....Superman! A great choice.....the perfect match actually....Henry looks great and gives a 100% to the important role that he plays. He portrays the depression, the subtle joy, concern, excitement, anger....all to perfection. It is tough to believe that he is an English actor and unimaginable as to how much practice it must've taken to get rid of the accent.

Hans Zimmer....what can one say about his amazing compositions! The soundtrack is brilliant and blends in beautifully with the emotional and action sequences. I'm heading to the itunes store and buying this album for sure!

A truly colossal experience. Superman could not have been revived in any other way! Hats off to Zack Snyder and Chris Nolan. The movie comes along with some of the biggest expectations for this year....a responsibility which is very difficult to fulfill. It definitely manages to meet those huge huge expectations, although there is no doubt, that the movie's brilliant build up....amazing storyline...and great performances are tarnished by extra long action sequences. Towards the end...this movie which starts off as a very humane and sensitive take on superman....ends up being a blatant exhibition of innovative action sequences and amazing special effects. Its super enjoyable....super mature compared to any previous superman movie....and super engaging until u start getting bored of the destruction.

I rate it 4 out of may be a tad bit generous...but the overall movie experience and also the action sequences, before starting to bore you...actually make you appreciate how novel they are...! I can see this high through the sequels! 

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