Friday, December 28, 2012

Life of Pi - A Book turned into Reality

Overview: To say that the movie is well executed and beautifully visualized, would probably not do full justice to the wonderful work frm director Ang Lee but sets the expectations right. Great performances and awe-inspiring visuals make it a cinema-goers treat....while 3D might not be the only way to watch is perhaps a better way to enjoy it.

Characters: Without much focus on other characters, like Tabu, who plays the mother of Pi Patel, Adil Hussain, who plays the role of the father....lets jump straight to Mr. Pi Patel himself. While both of them (Tabu and Adil) play an effective role, in all honesty. they probably have a total air time of 8-10 mins!!
Pi appreciating and fighting with God in a storm that
scares Richard Parker!
Suraj Sharma mainly, followed closely by Irrfan Khan play the role of Piscine Molitor Patel so convincingly that its hard not to feel connected with Pi - The Protagonist of this incredible human story.  The emotions are superbly expressed and most of the movie depends on these expressions which needed to be real, subtle yet not over-pronounced.
The bengal Tiger - Richard Parker is well integrated into the narrative just as in the novel and as the minutes go cant help but feel for the tiger and also start understanding the importance of the relationship between Pi and Richard parker.
Richard Parker beginning to
respect Pi. 

 Music: Mychael Danna delivers a very appropriate background score for the movie and it is actually kept at a minimum. Mostly its the silence and the natural sounds, but some soulful compositions do get integrated seamlessly and relevantly.

Experience: A truly magical experience....a movie that lingers on for a long time in your eyes and memories after having watched it. The scenes so magnificently visualized from the novel keep playing back in your head. No doubt that the novel was an excellent piece of work by Yann Martel, but David Magee (screenplay) and Ang Lee (director) truly do justice to the book. No doubt that a movie cannot describe the various thoughts and philosophical detours that the author takes while writing a book or while explaining a scenario, but still, the movie manages to find a fine balance between visual effects and expressing the story as a true human story of perseverance, of spirituality, of friendship and of courage.

Been-O-pinion: I rate it 4 out of 5. It is one of the best adaptations of a book into a movie and deserves the big screen to enjoy and truly appreciate. Go ahead...enjoy Pi and Richard then will believe in God too! :)   


  1. i completely agree to every word you have chosen to opine on this treat...its what a child can get and an adult can appreciate and a mature mind can relate to.....

  2. Really true... The characters were beautifully portrayed and the beautiful environ created by the director really needs a standing ovation. Am really satisfied with the movie, characters and emotions bought by it.. it makes you feel that god has his share in the life of Pi.