Saturday, December 1, 2012

Talaash: Your search ends here!

Overview: Anything i say...can and will be held against me! :) This review is going be a tough one to write. Nevertheless, all i would like to say is this is one movie you don't want to miss. Excellent performances, deft execution of a well written script by Reema Kagti and appropriately shot with the perfect OST and background score.

Characters: Navazuddin....what a talented actor! He keeps proving his talent with every movie. He, yet again reinforces his skills and plays the greedy Teymour. 
Rani Mukherjee...small role, yet powerful performance - never goin over board as a wife concerned about her husband's all night long whereabouts or her pain over the accident that has changed their lives.
Kareena....the scene stealer! You've seen her before as Chameli and she does a yet again brilliant job of playing prostitute. The charming yet sad, the seductive yet respectable....she packs various contrasting shades into the colorful Rosie that she plays! Kudos to her.
Aamir...what can one comment about the master of acting- the man who has changed the face of bollywood with his perfection...not once....but many times. His emotions, his eyes, body-language...10 out of 10.

Reema Kagti...yes...the director deserves a special mention. Her direction is so powerful that she almost plays an additional character. Hats off to her writing and direction skills.

Music: Ram Sampat.... Theres an obvious reason why mr. Perfection has started doing all his productions with him. Haunting background and an awesome soundtrack....a job well done by Sampat. Jee Le zara is an amazing track as is the slow rock ballad Laakh Duniya Kahe!

Experience: The movie captures you from the opening sequence to the end credits. There are some scenes that qualify easily as one of the best executed scenes of the year. Packed with brilliant performances and scoring 100% in the suspense and intensity departments, the movie takes suspense, thrill and the whodunnit genre in bollywood to international standards. Kagti keeps the pace easy, the plot simple and tension constantly high. A must watch movie.

Been-O-pinion: I rate it 4.5 out of 5. Your search for the best movie of the year ends here. While the year has had great movies, this one has great performances, script , camera work, background score and above all Super Talented Direction.

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